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The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) provides valuable information about anesthesia practice, Including:

Ann's Report

One CRNA's experience volunteering:

Become a CRNA

In order to become a CRNA you may want to check this link to the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists web site: "Become a Nurse Anesthetist"  It has valuable information about Nurse Anesthesia!

Education and experience required to become a CRNA include:

Student Outreach


What are the educational requirements to becoming a CRNA

Students who are interested in taking the "Nurse Anesthesia" class through Saturday Academy may qualify for a tuition waiver through the Oregon Association of Nurse Anesthetists. Please contact Saturday Academy to see if this may be you! Those students with a household income of less than $34,000 or if you are of a minority background, are encouraged to apply.

Those high school students seeking to learn more about Nurse Anesthesia, please check out Saturday Academy at Grades 9-12 are invited to attend.  Those students who cannot afford the fee, may request a tuition waiver Come find out about our exciting and fun profession today! Nurse Anesthetists provide approximately 65% of the anesthesia in the United States and we are experiencing a critical shortage in this career area!

If you are a University or College professor or instructor seeking a presentation on "Nurse Anesthesia," or a high school trying to schedule a "Career Day," or a "Presentation," on Nurse Anesthesia and the profession, please contact: Jonathan Jensen, CRNA, Co-Chair, Public Relations Committee

Practice Issues

National CMS Provider Number Information found here:

National Provider Number Application Website

Proposed BME Rules for Office Based Anesthesia May 2005

BME Proposal in Adobe Acrobat (pdf file) 

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